Review: Sudocrem Care & Protect

When I was invited to try a sample of Sudocrem Care & Protect, I was eager to give it a whirl on my baby’s small but enthusiastically functioning rear end. My daughter has been quite lucky so far concerning nappy rash. We’ve only suffered a couple of times following a bit of an upset tummy. However as she’s started weaning now, I’m anticipating that it will become a more common occurrence because…well…food poo.

So, first impressions- the packaging. I’m not really talking about the appearance of the labelling but more about the fact that this is a flip-capped tube which can easily be flipped open or shut with one hand. Which is super useful if, like me, you nearly always find the other is trying to grab a wayward baby leg as she attempts a half naked bid for freedom! I also find that a tube is easy to slip into the nappy bag alongside all the other baby paraphernalia I find myself adding to on a daily basis!

The cream itself is unlike the Sudocrem antiseptic cream I know and have used previously- instead of a thick white cream, this is a thinner consistency which, once applied, quickly turns translucent with minimal effort. It also has a much less medicated fragrance than the original cream, with a pleasant lavender scent.

Up to now, I have been keen to keep her bottom free from unnecessary lotions and potions. I have been reluctant to layer on creams so have only used them as treatment if a rash appears. With the increased chance of her developing nappy rash with weaning, I’d now like to take some preventative action to save her discomfort. Sudocrem Care & Protect is a barrier cream gentle enough to use after every nappy change. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and free from artificial colours and preservatives. These are all high priority qualities when intending to put it on your baby’s precious bum! This means I can begin to protect her little bottom routinely before nappy rash appears, confident in the knowledge that it’s a safe product on her skin. The barrier cream protects against nappy contents whilst also moisturising thanks to Vitamin E and Vit B5 content.  I patch tested it on my arm and it felt very moisturising, non-sticky and light!

I can see why this multitasking nappy cream was awarded best product of 2015 by Prima and will be adding this product to my ‘baby change must haves’ for keeping her comfortable and free from nappy rash.


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