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5 things I always buy at markets

Having a wander around markets is one of my favourite weekend morning activities. Not only is it a good excuse for a leisurely stroll, but it’s also a great way to support local businesses. Generally whilst eating a pie. Or cake. Or samosa. Or burger…you get the drift.

I thought I would share 5 of my favourite things to buy at street markets


Food (first and foremost!)

Brownies, sausages, pies- oh, my! There is so much tasty food on offer at markets that I have to be tactical about it. I set myself a spending limit beforehand otherwise it’s very easy to go mad with the spending and before you know it you’ve spent £50 on a sausage roll, a bottle of home brewed cider and a pork pie.

Usually I will buy something to eat there and then, something savoury to take home and something sweet to take home. Often, I’ll have a once over the market to see what stalls are offering as too many times I’ve impulse bought and then spotted an equally delicious but better value item along the way and ended up over spending and over eating! Butcher type stalls are great for good quality meat to take home for lunch or dinner and often there are more adventurous flavours on offer than the local supermarket such as game burgers and bushmeat.  If there’s a good selection of hot food stands why not buy a couple of things and share?


IMG_3347Handmade, scented and usually in lovely colours and patterns that look great out on display. Or with heavily scented essential oils in a bottle that looks like it belongs in a hotel. Fancy soap. I’d also put bath bomb type items into this category too. (And wah-wahs. Want to know what a wah-wah is? Ask Bubble Off! )


There’s something rather luxurious about handmade bath products that make a (usually very affordable!) little treat.


Art Prints and Homeware Items

I have found some of my favourite prints for home at markets. There’s a vast array of art, prints and home items to be found at every single market I have been to.


Home items are always a winner for me, as I enjoy buying items that last- especially if it can be a talking point like these Pop Up Tokyo masks










Or these fantastic pigeon prints from PainterMerv





My top tip for when you like prints but want to keep to a budget (especially on maternity pay!) is to buy cards to frame yourself. I have quite a few framed cards in my home picked up at markets- it’s a really easy way to give your decor a bit of a change!


IMG_3362I love a scented candle. I will often pick up a candle in a smaller size so that it’s not a major spend if it turns out the scent isn’t what was expected.

I’ve found some lovely brands and scents of candles through markets, and it’s also a purchase that lasts a few days or even weeks. Candles are also something that won’t go off before you have chance to use them!

The one I’m burning at the minute is a Hygge candle from Levenshulme Market.





Clothing and Accessoriesclothesrack

Of all the clothing and accessories available at markets, I must admit I find it extremely hard to resist a cute baby item.


There are generally gorgeous handmade baby and child clothes and accessories at most markets. I love that they are usually a bit different to items the high street has to offer.
bonnetimage2 (1)


My latest favourite buys are a reversible bonnet with ears and some dribble bibs in gorgeous prints with a thick towelling backing by Blooming Kiwi.







So there we have my top buys when market shopping. What do you find yourself buying at markets? Do you have any recommendations? I’m loving The Makers Market , Levenshulme Market and Altrincham Market.  I’m really looking forward to the brand new Clog Market too!

Hello! I’m Lauren. I’m 31 year old mum. I hope you enjoy my blog- feel free to comment on here or you can contact me on social media (links are somewhere near the top of the page) - I’m always up for a chat!


  • I visited Manchester recently, my sister lives in Fallowfield area, she took me to the Makers Market in Didsbury? Loved it, some inspiring bits – I got a print for the our sprog-to-be’s bedroom wall by Mark Bird. Happy shopping!

    • I love the Didsbury one! I’ve just been looking on Mark Bird’s website- absolutely gorgeous! It’s so exciting picking nursery decor bits and pieces! Especially when they are a little bit different or unique!


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