I’m glad I took a babymoon before the arrival of my daughter. I chose to go at the end of my second trimester for a long weekend. If you are pregnant, I’d recommend you take some time out for babymooning before the birth- it’s a great chance to do some things that you won’t necessarily be able to do for a while once the baby arrives and also a great chance for some partner bonding. Or just a relaxing few days by yourself if you fancy! All that matters is that you have a fantastic time! Here are some suggestions for planning that perfect pregnant trip!


notre dameThere are no rules of babymooning! Choose somewhere you feel like going whether that be a barge on an English country canal or a sunny beach getaway. Somewhere hot, cold, city or beach trip are all great. You can stay in the UK or go further afield and there are hundreds if not thousands of destination suggestions to be found online.

I chose Paris because a) I’m a total cliché and b) it’s a nice short flight. One of my close friends chose a sunny beach trip to Egypt. That would be my idea of hell when I felt like a whale with a core temperature of the sun but she couldn’t imagine anything worse than traipsing around a city all day! Choose a destination you like and will find relaxing/exciting/romantic etc!




Take comfy shoes. I feel like this is probably a normal rule of life but either I’m a total shoe maverick (hello Primark for basically disposable £4 plimsolls!) or I did not appreciate shoes properly until I was twice my size with elephant feet. I was completely surprised and disgusted in equal measures when my feet ballooned to comical proportions following a day of strolling around, however the sandals I had with me were the ‘slide’ style so I could still get my lump feet in them! Birkenstocks saved my summer! I never thought I would love an orthopaedic sole as much as I now do. In fact, I think i’ll probably get a pair for my non-pregnant self this year.


Book a room somewhere you wouldn’t with a baby– the kind that is totally impractical once you have children. The sort that has a bath in the same room as the bed. Maybe French doors that can be left open all night onto a high level balcony that overlooks a busy street. Perhaps in a red light district…I joke, but you catch my drift. Doesn’t have to be extravagant or anything- you do have a baby en route after all, just choose somewhere you will enjoy!


croc mobile

Buy something baby related whilst on your trip even if it is an everyday item you can buy at home. After prising me away from the Van Gogh Bugaboo Bee, my partner directed me to a children’s mobile shop. We chose a mobile for our daughter’s bedroom made by the lady who owned the shop. Much easier to fly back with I suppose. I love how not only do we have a cool mobile for her but it has sentimental value too which I don’t think would be quite the same with one bought at home. People told me it was scary but I saw it and immediately knew my foetus would have her mums taste in handmade metal animals. She absolutely loves it now and I love the memories attached to it.



bumpbridgeTake lots of photographs and enjoy yourself!

Cherish the time together as a couple excited about your forthcoming addition. One day you’ll be able to show your child pictures of when they went ‘on holiday’ in your belly! Even if some of the pictures like this nondescript bump pic could be absolutely anywhere, haha!

Also- I have just been looking through photographs taken on this trip and not a single Tour d’Eiffel picture…maybe I’m not a TOTAL cliché after all!


Did you take a ‘babymoon’ or are you planning one? Or could you not imagine anything worse?



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Hello! I’m Lauren. I’m 31 year old mum. I hope you enjoy my blog- feel free to comment on here or you can contact me on social media (links are somewhere near the top of the page) - I’m always up for a chat!


  • We had a baby moon and loved it. I would highly recommend the time away if you can manage it, doing things you enjoy just as a twosome! Although having a baby doesn’t have to mean you give those things up, you don’t really appreciate how easy your life is before the little whirlwind arrives! #bigpinklink

    • Very true- I really enjoyed the time we spent as a couple looking forward to her arrival. We still take time out, it just takes a little longer planning things these days!

  • Mother didn’t take one (she’s well overdue a holiday now apparently and is aiming for two to make up 😉 ) but she did have a couple of spa days. Instead, she revelled in reading and taking leisurely baths….something that she hasn’t been able to do since 😉 bigpinklink

    • Oh I miss the leisurely baths! I think I lived in the bath for that last month of pregnancy! And the bath bombs! I want to go shopping for lovely bath things now!

  • We had a little baby moon before our first and it was so lovely to have some time away from ‘daily life’ before the little lady made her arrival. I always recommend a getaway to my pregnant friends 🙂 #bigpinklink

  • Some really useful suggestions here!! I’m a big fan of Primark ‘disposable’ flats too!! I wear them everywhere! Of all the pregnancy misfortunes I had, getting swollen feet or ankles wasn’t one of them, so I’m quite glad I was really mobile with no consequences, right until then end! We went on a baby moon to York-I’d never been before, and really wanted to, and it’s really far away from us, so I knew it was the last time we’d be able to go on a really long car journey for a while! We stayed in a lovely spa hotel too, and had a really great time! I wish we’d bought something for the baby there though-I didn’t think of that, and it’s a really good idea! It’s lovely that your daughter loves the mobile you bought her! I’d definitely recommend a babymoon to anyone! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

    • I love York! What a lovely destination! And romantic! Yes, long car journeys are not my idea of a good time now that she’s here- I can barely stand the trip to my mums an hour away, haha. I recommend a babymoon to everyone now! Thank you for commenting!


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