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Cake for Brother’s Day

The absolutely lovely Parenting in Pyjamas ran a competition through her Twitter and her Facebook  that spoke to my soul last week. It was a competition to win a cake. A delicious, personalised cake no less! A cake that would fit through my letterbox ! This was a fabulous prize! So I entered and  I went about my daily cake less life once again. And then would you believe it? I received an email telling me that I was a lucky winner!

The golden email from Baker Days (okay, it wasn’t golden but I did feel a little Charlie and the chocolate factory) gave me a link to follow for all the options to choose from for my cake. There are so many options, it really was a hard choice to make! I had to have a plan here- I didn’t want to waste my opportunity of a free, personalised cake on some frivolous design.

Now, cake is definitely made for sharing. So reluctantly I supposed I should share my cakey prize with a loved one. Mothers Day loomed-should I choose a cake celebrating this? My brother’s birthday fell on the same day-should I choose a cake for him?! Decisions, decisions.

And so, with great excitement I chose a cake that has it all.


A Justin Bieber Mothers Day themed birthday cake!  

Thank you Parenting in Pyjamas and Baker Days for making my cake dreams come true!


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